Book review - Why we sleep

Published on Friday, May 31, 2024

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This is a Draft

I've read (listened the audiobook) Why we sleep sometime ago but since the sleep deprivation is back after my daughter's birth, I decided to read (listen to) it again. For this review is worth mentioning some of the topics in separated sections, since each topic covers a different nuance of why is so important to have a good night of sleep. And from the start of this review, I would way this is the type of book I recommend everyone to read (or listen to - whatever).

The writer Matthew Walker is a scientist who dedicated more than 20 years studying sleep and its various effects for different species.

Note: This review was written during a time I should be sleeping according to the book 😓

REM and NREM sleep

Sleep deprivation

How caffeine affects the sleep?

World's most popular stimulant

TEDEd: How does caffeine keep us awake?

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